Meet the National Executive

The officers of The Heritage Club are: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. They are elected for two-year terms by and from among the delegates at the Annual Meeting. The officers of the Club form the executive committee which is the governing body.

National Executives Members

President J.P. Leguerrier
First Vice -president Eldred Holmes
Second Vice-President Lloyd Rogowski
Third Vice-President Marc Jacob
Secretary-Treasurer Bob Broomhall
Past President Bob Emmons

Chapter Presidents

Terra Nova Eldred Holmes
Brunswick/Abegweit Eldred Holmes
Bluenose Louella AuCoin
Kebec Marc Jacob
Ville Marie Gilles Labine
Maisonneuve Pierre Amyot
Laurentides/Lan. Michel Racine
Richelieu René Lareau
Simcoe Anna Huang
Pineridge J.P. Leguerrier
Humber Diane Biggs
Bluewater Bob Emmons
Thames Henry Masek

Golden Horseshoe

Grand Saugeen


Gloria MacDonald

Gail Bourhill

By-Town Cindy Daoust
Trent Severn Robin O’Donohue (Frank)
Heartland/Cambrian Eileen Hay (Rick)
Yellowhead Heather Spence
Golden Sheaf Gordon Ell
Chinook Kathryn Cunningham
Parkland Bob Broomhall
Central Yukootok Gary Fisher
Van-Fraser Fred Danells
Van Isle Jim Sharpe

For more information please contact Holly Perreault or by phone at 226-526-8666

Role of the National Executive

The National Executive is the governing body of the Heritage Club. The National President is the spokesperson for the Club, meeting with the Corporation to discuss issues of interest to all members. Each member has one vote and three members make up a quorum.There are two Standing Sub Committees: Planning and Finance and Constitution and Bylaws. Each is chaired by an executive member and meetings are conducted via teleconference. Minutes of the meetings are taken.The Planning and Finance Committee: sets yearly objectives, reviews long-range plans, assists in organizing the annual meeting, prepares an annual budget and finance statements and hires auditors, if necessary.The Constitution and Bylaw Sub Committee: reviews the constitution and bylaws annually and recommends amendments for consideration and, reviews amendments from Chapters.


The National President is the Chief Executive Officer of The Heritage Club and an ex officio member of all standing committees. In this role, the President is responsible for: coordinating the agenda and chairing the annual and executive meetings, acting as the Club’s spokesperson for Corporation-initiated publicity, acting as chief liaison with the Corporation through CPC’s Employee Recognition Branch and representing the Club to other organizations.The 1st Vice-President chairs the Planning and Finance Sub Committee and acts in the absence of the President. The 3rd Vice-President chairs the Constitution and Bylaws Sub committee and acts for senior officers in their absence.The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for the official records of the Executive Committee and The Heritage Club. He/she records all meetings and conference calls keeps books and accounts for the executive, prepares quarterly and annual financial statements for Employee Recognition, prepares annual financial statements for auditors, if necessary and, is a member of the Planning and Finance Sub-Committee.

Specific Responsibilities of the National Executive

The National Executive brings suggestions from its Chapters to the Corporation through the Manager, Employee Recognition. It may, for example, request changes in policy and request funds for new initiatives. It negotiates the level of participation in corporate programs such as Santa Letter Writing and Literacy and recommends Postmark award winners for The Heritage Club Community Service Award. It reviews the Chapter’s activity plans for community service projects and recommends approval to Employee Recognition.The National Executive is responsible for: helping Chapters establish new initiatives, organizing self-financed, special national events which might include a national conference or a trip, exploring opportunities for national discounts on products and services and deciding which Chapter will receive the annual Heritage Club Community Service Trophy and The Heritage Club Camaraderie Plaque.The National Executive establishes the annual budget and presents it to the Corporation (Manager, Employee Recognition Branch) in September of each year. It covers the fiscal year, January 1 to December 31. The budget is reviewed by the Corporation and, in turn, advances funds to the executive at the beginning of the new fiscal year.The National Executive becomes involved with Heritage Club publicity at the national level, externally with the mass media or internally within the Corporation and its national publications. The National President is the chief spokesperson for The Heritage Club. The Club seeks ways and means of working with the mass media to tell the communities concerned about its programs to enhance the reputation of the Club on a national basis.

Conducting Business

In addition to an annual meeting of all Chapter Presidents, the National Executive meets periodically. These meetings take place in Ottawa and are held at the Corporate offices. Participants include the National Officers with Corporate staff attending for part of the meetings. These meetings are informal compared to the Annual Meeting, however, minutes are kept, translated and circulated, within three weeks, to the Chapter Presidents and CPC, Employee Recognition Branch, as one method of communication.Between Executive Meetings, teleconferences are used to deal with specific matters. The President may decide to circulate the minutes to all Chapter Presidents.