Mission and Mandate

The purpose of The Heritage Club shall be to provide a means of friendly association for the longer-service employees and those retired; to foster among them a continuing fellowship and a spirit of mutual helpfulness; to exemplify and perpetuate those principles which have come to be regarded as the ideals and traditions of Canada Post; and to participate in activities that are of service to the community, contribute to the progress of the Club and promote the happiness, well-being and usefulness of the membership. Updated June 2010.

1. Mandate Statement
2. Role of the Heritage Club
3. Annual Activities of the Heritage Club
4. Board Composition

The Heritage Club exists to actively promote volunteerism within the community, be ambassadors of the Corporation by supporting the success of Canada Post, and promote the camaraderie and fellowship of long-service and retired employees.

The motto of the Heritage Club is “People helping people”.

In fulfilling its mandate, it is the role of the Heritage Club at the National and Chapter levels to:

Actively promote and facilitate the participation of the membership in activities that are of service to the community.

Be ambassadors of Canada Post by working closely with the Corporation in the promotion and furtherance of its goals.

Provide a means for friendly camaraderie and fellowship of longer-service employees and those retired in order to foster among them a continuing fellowship and a spirit of mutual helpfulness.

The Heritage Club shall:

Be active in communicating goals and objectives to the membership.

Be active in involving the current membership in Club activities and undertakings.

Report to the Corporation annually on Chapter activities using agreed upon metrics (e.g. volunteer hours within the community) to determine the extent to which the Club’s fundraising, community involvement activities and Canada Post activities support and promote Canada Post’s needs, e.g. Santa Letter Writing Campaign, Community Foundation, scholarship application reviews, etc.

Canada Post shall:

Meet with Heritage Club Executive bi-annually to ensure that the Club’s annual goals and objectives appropriately support those of the Corporation.

Provide extra funding in recognition of a chapter’s participation in volunteer activities.

This mandate proposes a closer working relationship between the National Executive of the Heritage Club and Canada Post.

This mandate proposes a tighter alignment of the Clubs annual goals and objectives with those of Canada Post.