The aims of The Heritage Club are consistent with the objectives of Canada Post Corporation. The Corporation, in 1989, established The Heritage Club as a means of recognizing the contributions to Canada’s postal services made by the employees through a formal program to commemorate long service and retirement. Since 1999, the Club has grown to some 20,000 members. The Heritage Club, through its social and community activities, perpetuates the tradition of community service entrusted to its members by thousands of former, individual postal employees. The Corporation seeks to enhance that heritage and through The Heritage Club, offers an opportunity to build on that.

The Corporate task force that recommended the development of The Heritage Club, identified the location for the 31 Chapters across Canada, tailoring a fit to Canada Post so that Chapters would have an administrative framework.

The task force also selected pro tem Chapter Presidents who in turn chose executive officers. These people selected their Chapter name and nominated candidates as the 21 “Founding Members” of each Chapter.

The preparatory work culminated in a grand inaugural banquet in Ottawa, March 18, 1989, during which Donald Lander, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, presented charters to the attending Chapter Presidents

Chapter Dues

As of 2000 the Heritage Club implemented a dues structure to support various chapter activities and initiatives. Please note that dues vary from chapter to chapter and are very nominal.

Administrative and Fiscal Years

The administrative and fiscal years run from January 1 to December 31. Funding national meetings and financial reporting are all planned to fit these dates.

Annual Meeting/National Executive Meetings – AGM

The Annual Meeting of chapter presidents is the legislative body of The Heritage Club. It is held the first weekend in June of each year. In addition, the National Executive meets periodically in Ottawa. The length of the meeting is determined by the National Executive and the CPC Heritage Club Corporate program staff.


The Charter reads:”Recognizing your dedication to the movement of this nation’s mail, and to the support you in your undertaking to uphold the traditions of our Association, The Heritage Club hereby incorporates the Founding Members into a Chapter to be known as…..””You and others you may elect to membership are urged to uphold the best from our past, rejoice in the achievements of the present and enhance the opportunities of our future.””Chapter members are granted all the powers, privileges and benefits pertaining to The Heritage Club.”

Club Logo

The Heritage Club logo is two circles, one within the other, enclosing the words “Heritage Club Héritage” and the CPC mark. The CPC Corporate Logo runs along the bottom of the circles in some instances. Should another organization wish to use the logo, contact the National President (insert link), should be consulted prior to issuing permission to use the logo.

Club Slogan

The Club slogan is “People Helping People” which eloquently describes the purpose and activities of the Club.


Recognition for Heritage Club members comes in a number of ways such as the Community Service, Camaraderie and Presidents Trophies.

The Community Service Trophy

Commissioned by CPC and is awarded to the Chapter which carries out a spectrum of community-related activities supporting Corporate initiatives, particularly literacy. The Trophy, which is a bronze statue designed by Montreal artist Phyllis Mendell, is displayed in Ottawa’s Employee Boulevard to demonstrate CPC’s pride in its Heritage Club. A plaque, kept by the deserving Chapter, is awarded to them by the National President at the Chapter Presidents’ Annual Meeting. This trophy was updated to a Jade Acrylic trophy in 2018.

Camaraderie Trophy

Another important component to The Heritage Club is to provide opportunities for camaraderie among members. This occurs during regular membership meetings, social events, during volunteer activities and through helping members who are shut in, need chores done, or just need to talk to someone who understands. This trophy is awarded to the Chapter who hosts the widest variety of activities for its members, appealing to a cross-section. The activities are usually categorized as:
• personal services such as shut-in visits, meals-on-wheels, income tax aid, or household help, where members receive this service
• social activities such as membership meetings, dances, seasonal parties, barbecues, dinner theatre, special speakers or seminars, trips or forming a
• team to take on community service work
• sports such as curling, bowling, golf tournaments, aerobic classes, line dancing or swimming.

President’s Award

Was introduced in 2010 and presented to the chapter that has shown the most improvement year over year and best reflect the club’s objectives.
The National Executive act as judges but no formal application is required. They gather the information from the Chapter Report included in the Annual Report. The winning chapter is informed at the Annual Meeting and the presentation is made by the National President.

Heritage Club Grace

For the best of our past for the achievements of the present
For the opportunities of the future
For good food and good fellowship
O Lord, make us truly thankful.