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Minutes January 2020

Postal Employees 25 Year Club

(A Council of the Terra Nova Chapter Heritage Club)

Minutes of meeting held at Royal Canadian Legion, on January 29th, 2020.

The meeting came to order at 7:35 PM and the minutes of the previous meeting were adopted on a motion by Eric Penney and seconded by Bob Thomson.

Those in attendance were:

Eric Howlett                   Tom McCarthy                      Dave Roche

Eldred Holmes               Wayne Murphy                      Bob Thomson

Marge Keough                Eric Penney                           Wayne White

Bill Marshall


RalphWells– recovering from hip surgery.


Gerry Angel – brother of Adrian:   Ed Barrington – father of Ted:

Holly Butt – wife of Randy:    Elizabeth Grace – mother of Brian Fleming

A moment of silence was held in their honor, and our sincere condolences go out to all those concerned.


Brian Cooney;   Keith Garland;  and John Handrigan.

Congratulations and best wishes to all.


Treasurer Keough presented her report, which was adopted on a motion by Marge and seconded by Bill Marshall.


Eric Howlett stated that the annual Volunteer Income Tax Seminar will be held on February 20th 2020 at 10:30 am at the Legion. If you wish to attend this session please call Eric Howlett at 368-2692 or El Holmes at 753-4231.

El Holmes stated that due to the low turn-out for last year’s Jiggs Dinner meeting we should consider alternatives. Following some discussion, it was suggested to open that meeting to spouses, and agreed that we would try that for March 2020.

President Howlett thanked those members who helped out with the Harvey’s calendars. (see attached). Some discussion followed concerning difficulties with the delivery of the calendars etc. to the post office and other logistics.

El Holmes stated he will speak to Mr. Parsons about that.

El then thanked those who helped to answer some 8500 Santa letters this year. He also stated that the Club donated $3837.00 this year to five different charities from proceeds of the breakfasts we served in the lunchroom. The donations went to:

Community Food Sharing Association                  $949.00

CPC Community Foundation                      $985.00

The Gathering Place                                    $883.00

Janeway Hospital Foundation                      $500.00

Jimmy Pratt Memorial Kitchen                    $520.00

He said the staff at the plant really appreciate and look forward to us coming in. He looks forward to the continued support of our members in 2020, and if you haven’t been called but would like to take part, please let him know by calling 753-4231. It’s a couple of hours of light work and lots of socializing, all for a good cause.

We have received a bank money order for $10.00 from Mount Pearl with no name attached.  If you sent a money order to the Terra Nova Chapter in late November but haven’t received a receipt by now, please call El at 753-4231.

The winner of the Puffin picture draw is Shirley Hollett of Garden Cove.

Heritage Club secretary Dave Roche stated he will, again this year, be looking for volunteers to help with serving a brunch at the Gathering Place,

with a tentative date for May 2020.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. on a motion by Eric Penney.

Our next meeting will be at the Legion on February 26 th, 2020 at 7:30pm.