Minutes – AGM Vernon 2015

Canada Post Heritage Club
26th Annual General Meeting
Vernon, British Columbia
May 30 – June 1, 2015

President’s Meeting
Gary Fisher was the chair person for this meeting. There were 4 inquiries to be addressed.
1) Herb Stan – How do other chapters run their elections? Herb sends ballots out to all members, however gets very few returned. He also does the elections at the Annual Meeting.

Pineridge – This chapter sends out memos and a newsletter inviting anyone interested. They are given a time period to respond to this. Les Kimmerer commented that 4 to 5 years they would receive back 130 ballots.

Bluenose – This chapter sends information out to paid members only throughout the year, however, once a year all membership with the needs and positions available are posted. Do not get very many responses.

Harold Onagi – Harold reminds everyone of the envelopes that are provided to use for the once a year annual update for all members paid or not with the positions available.

2) Eldridge Holmes – There was a concern sent via email about chapters not getting back to their members in a timely manner. This caused a considerable amount of email traffic with chapters detailing their procedures. Eldridge suggested a 2 step plan to avoid this congestion and offence to chapters that are not involved. His suggestion for the National President to first contact the offending chapters directing and outlining the specific problem and the correct procedure to follow. Secondly, follow up with a mass email reminding all chapters of the procedures and with a notice that all offending chapters have been notified.

National President, Bob Emmons, responded that he had already spoken to those chapters not complying and the email had stated that chapters were to be mindful to review their procedures NOT to send their procedures.

Harold Onagi – Reviewed the procedures to follow. On initial receipt of the application form, send out a greeting and welcome. When the certificate and membership card has been received send out a note explaining the dues for that chapter. When dues are received, then explain the discounts available with this membership number and maul out the certificate and card.

3) Lea Manyard – Requested to learn more about the website. It was explained that this will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting.

4) Jim Sharpe – On the Annual Reports, some chapters claim amounts for voluntary Appreciation. Jim questions if it’s voluntary, why is there payment and what is it for? Jim stated he was not questioning the appreciation of the volunteers, rather the wording and the placement on the Annual Reports. The National Executive is going to discuss this topic at the next meeting in Ottawa.

Conway Crozier-Smith is concerned as to why his city of Regina is only getting a few applications a year. He received only 13 applications last year and 11 were from out of town.
Bob Emmons stated that this issue was discussed in their last meeting with the Corporation in Ottawa. The Executive discussed their concern that the liaison was not handing out the information and the Corporation was looking into this.
James Innis, Director of Employment Policies and Programs, stated he would follow up with Human Resources for better support. There are no direct Human Resources in Saskatchewan and Jim will personally connect with Regina and look into this matter.
Harold Onagi – Harold explained there are recruitment issues in all chapters. He feels that word of mouth is the best opportunity for recruitment from one chapter member to another.

Fred Dannels – Fred stated that until recently the procedure was the National Magazine. This, however is no longer in print. Fred made a suggestion that there be a brochure created to be attached with the application form for 25 + year employees.

Bob Emmons stated that Claude Bruno had developed and created a folder to be presented. This has been reaching 99% and still not getting out enough people.

Jean Bengamin stated that during the Pre Retirement Meetings and Seminars that there is never a mention of the Heritage Club and this is an issue to be looked into.

Helen Pickup – Helen stated that when she first took over the Golden Horseshoe Chapter she also had nothing to work with at all. She went to the Plant Manager and asked if she could set up a table and gave out 500 packages she had made up of information. She did this with all the Directors of all the major Plants and now has permission to speak to the retirees.

James Innis is going to see if he can find those folders Claude Bruno had made up and give to the executive in October. He stated that the Pension Team is interested in having someone from the Heritage Club at these Pre Retirement and had suggested a small video be created. This will be added to the agenda in October for discussion.
Some chapters would also like to attend these meeting and be a present face for the Heritage Club and hand out the applications.

Jean Benjamin asked about the Operational Manual that was updated. Harold Onagi stated this was produced by a Canada Post as to how the Heritage Club should operate. This manual has been updated with redundant information being removed. He sent out a copy for each chapter to look at and review. This will be discussed during a general meeting.

Day One – May 30, 2015

James Innis – James expressed his excitement to be in attendance and associated with the Heritage Club. He explained he was very new to the corporation, having joined in September of this past year. He is pleased to be grounded with the heritage and history of the organization and the pride everyone feels.
He stated that there has been lots of changes within Canada Post, a true transformation. The business model has been changing and although this isn’t easy to happen, there has been a lot of things going really well. We know we have some challenges in terms of letters, however 2 out of 3 parcels delivered are by Canada Post. There is a huge online presence and they are becoming a pivotal organization for enabling ecommerce.
James stated that when he first joined there was a need to hire 5000 people before Christmas and Canada Post reported their biggest Christmas ever! He also stated there is a highly competitive market right now, and they are competing really well. Changes in our delivery model is currently the biggest challenge we currently face and is making the most headlines. The goal overall is to continue to be self sustaining, not a drain on anything and successful and profitable in the future.
James thanks the Heritage Club for serving their communities, supporting Canada Post and their volunteer organizations as well as their pride and work they do to represent Canada Post.

Nick Ronsky – Financial Reports
Nick goes over the travel costs for the Annual General meeting:
*For all private vehicles, they cover .45 cents per km. This total cannot exceed the cost of an airfare. The cost for your spouse to travel is your own responsibility. *Each Chapter will cover the cost of all meals with the exception of lunch on Saturday and Sunday. All alcohol purchased is at your own cost.
*All accommodations are at the chapter expense with a $4 per day for incidentals.
*The National Executive will pay the cost of all airfare as well as costs to and from the airport. Checked Luggage will also be covered.

Nick Ronsky passed out to all chapters the information for the Financial and Activity reports that needs to be monitored. Nick states that all chapters need to be careful who audits their chapter. He also states there were minor inconsistencies within the activity reports. He stated 4 chapters held no AGM, 7 had no elections, 4 had no audits and 9 had no banquets.

Bob Hughes asked why there was a need to hold an Annual Banquet. His chapter holds monthly luncheons, and “Souper” lunches twice a year. He feels this being included on the annual report reflects poorly on those who do not hold an AGM. This is not an accurate representation of his members involvement or lack of.

Harold Onagi states this was mandated on the Score Card the Corporation put out.

Bob Hughes feels there is a need to amend some of the questions on the Score Card and suggests that the National Executive work with the Corporation to reevaluate the questions asked. Bob Emmons stated he will discuss with this at the October Meeting in Ottawa.

Nick Ronsky passed out copies of the Financial Statement and reviewed them in detail.
There was a suggestion made to report on the statements of GIC’s, etc. in each chapter. There was concern expressed from the chapters that as a nonprofit organization there should be no excess of GIC’s and if so it definitely needs reported.

Coffee Break

Johnson Insurance – Shawn McCord
Shawn McCord stated that the harsh Winter weather has driven home and auto claims in 2014/2015. There has been a 2% increase rate for Medoc for the 2015/2016 policy year. And there has been a new Voluntary Retiree Health and Dental Plan created.

Auto Insurance Benefit Highlights – Easy payment plan options, accident forgiveness, depreciation add back, 24 hour Service and preferred service roadside assistance.

Home Insurance Benefit Highlights – Air Miles Reward Miles, 5% Medoc discount, PS Homeplus Plan. This plan has a vanishing deductible, single deductible, first claim forgiveness, $10 000 Jewellery and Furs limits and a $30 000 Personal Internet and Identity Theft resortation benefits.

Preferred Services 50+ Assist – Morale Assistance Benefit available 24/7, Home Repair Referral Service, Nursing Assistance Benefits, Housekeeping Benefits, Companion Services Benefits

Medoc Travel Insurance Benefit Highlights – All Heritage Club members will be covered regardless of age or health status, up to $12 000 of Trip Cancellation, interruption and delay, 24/7 claims assistance, unlimited trips (up to 40 days each), supplemental plans options for extended trips, $5million emergency medical coverage, monthly premium payments with no interest.

Shawn held a Q & A

Day Two – May 31, 2015

The Annual General Meeting for 2019 will be held In Regina.

Bob Emmons requested when sending in any requests for changes to membership to please include the membership number. This makes corrections easier.

Conway Crozier-Smith mentioned for the knowledge of the newer presidents that when a new member fills out an online application to join, that the application goes directly to Bob Emmons. It is not necessary to print and resubmit.

Bob Hughes asked how many new members have joined so far in 2015. Bob Emmons reported 487.

Harold Onagi passed out a list for each chapter President to fill out for the number of envelopes they require. These envelopes are to be used for the annual mailing for the entire membership and a few subsequent mailings to paid members.

JP asks why there is a requirement on the Score Card for 4 newsletters to be sent out a year. Nick Ronsky explains that Canada Post agreed to pay for 4 a year and that is why it is stated as such on the Score Card.

JP – when mailed out his certificates get folded sometimes. He asked for there to be a piece of Cardboard included with each one.

Website – Yvonne Lemaire
Yvon Lemaire gave a visual presentation of the usage of our new website –
Yvon thanked Richard Lefleur and Bib Hughes for their help with this project.

Coffee Break

Santa Letter Writing Program – Fred Dannels
Fred thanked all those who volunteered in this program. He stated there were 1.3 million letters replied to and this was an increase over prior year. He stated there was 502 Heritage Club volunteers and this too was an increase over prior year, with 20,037 volunteer hours logged. 212 319 letters were answered by the Heritage Club and 2159 schools were answered as well. Fred also stated that they answered 9988 late mail letters after Christmas. He stated that 5 workshops were attended with Heritage Club involvement distrubuting, collecting and mailing letters.
Fred stated that the 2015 challenge is in Ontario where the bulk of the letters come from. Other chapters across the country could greatly help by taking some of these letters.
Fred states there are regional draws held, an a Elf Contest, for all volunteers who do 20 letters or more. He also states there are also local chapter draws and local elf volunteer contests as well as a national draw for Heritage Club members only. Fred asked that the chapters promote and recognize this program and their volunteers in the chapter newsletters. Fred personally sends thank you cards to each Heritage Club Volunteer.

Nick Ronsky stated that in their last meeting in Ottawa the corporation mentioned looking into outside resources to help answer letters. Fred said this is no longer going to happen because the integrity and security of the Mail still rests with us.

Bob Emmons stated that because of the mail amalgamation into the central points, some smaller plants do not get letters unless from their parades etc. he suggested the chapters contact the main plants and they will send you letters to help with.

Constitutional Changes – Harold Onagi

1) Chinook – Article 7 – Annual meeting. It is being proposed an addition be made of a new section
“In consideration of the fact that chapters no longer enjoy office space provided by the corporation and where the chapter presidents residence serves as the meeting location for the chapter and executive meetings and maintenance of files, whereas the spouse or significant others are being impacted by the ongoing process of managing chapter business, be it resolved that in recognition of the impact of the spouse/significant other, travel costs to the National AGM will be paid for by the Chapter Finances, in all cases where the Chapter has raised or passed the motion from its membership at its AGM of the said Chapter to allow such travel. In the event of the spouse/significant other is unable to attend, the Chapter President may designate another member of the Executive to travel with the President with the same benefit of paid travel costs.”

Harold Onagi explained that each chapter was given office space in the onset of the formation of the Heritage Club. Some Presidents preferred to use their own residence and over the years the unused spaces have been used for other things. Canada Post has been accommodating and tries to get space back in those cases it is requested. Harold also states the AGM is for the Chapter Presidents and not the spouses.
This was voted upon and defeated. Nick Ronsky did tell Chinook that he has spoken to the Calgary Plant Manager and he said he would provide space for Chinook chapter.

2) ByTown – Article One, Section Two
Currently reads as follows – “ The Principle Office of the Association shall be Canada Post Hertiage Club, Bob Emmons National President, 299 Brien Ave. West, N8M 2Z4”

Proposed “ The Principle Office of the Heritage Club,mindless otherwise stated, shall be the address of the National President.”

Bob Hughes feels that for the purpose of the constitution, it makes no sense to have a personal address as the National contact. He feels it should be stated generically because titles go up for re-election every 2 years and it is impractical to have this in the constitution. A Constitutional Amendment would need to be made every time a new President was elected.

This was voted on and passed

3) ByTown – Article 5, Section 1 – Elections and Appointment of Offices
Currently reads as “ The Offices of the National Executive shall be elected
By the and from the approved delegates of the Annual Meeting. Not withstanding the above, subject to the approval of the nominating Committee, a delegate will not be instructed from being nominated in an emergency situation, prevents his or her attendance.”

Proposed “ Candidate for position to the National Executive must be members in good standing of the Heritage Club. They shall be elected by the approved delegates to the Annual General Meeting.”

Bob Hughes explains that ByTown is seeking clarification of the intent and wording. Who is eligible to run for office? Any member in good standing or only Chapter Presidents.
After much debate as to the definition of a member in good standing and who can run a delegate or a chapter president, Bob Hughes withdrew his proposal and asked the National Executive to clarify more specifically by polling the chapters and a vote can me made at the next AGM.

Alumni Site – Richard Lefleur stated that the Heritage Club was asked participate in this site, however it is unclear as to the status of the site. James Innis was asked to follow up on this item in Ottawa.

Pension – James Innis
James brought along packages for everyone of the Annual Report for Canada Post Pension Plan. This package included a make up of the plan members and the defined benefits and defined contribution. He discussed how the plan is going to change and the additional legislation in place to protect pensions.
James also talked about the Newsletter from July which as titled Focus on Business for Employees and Retirees. This Newsletters main focus was Pension. The CEO outlined challenges and guiding principles. In terms of investment, the value of the pension plan is growing with a surplus of almost 5 million.
The Pension Deficit is at 6.9 Billion and one of the biggest factors are the interest rates. If they drop by even 1%, it can cause a growth of 4.5 billion in deficit. James assured the company is profiting, just not enough yet to cover the deficit. James instructed everyone to go to the Pension website www.cpcpension.ca
Bob Hughes expressed his concerns that there needs to be greater clarity as to what is going on with pensions and that there needs to be greater concerns for our retirees when communications come out.
James Innis instructed the Heritage Club to communicate though the Communications and Consultation Group and recommended the club contact this group directly about posting on the new Heritage Club website.

Heritage Club Manual – Harold Onagi
Each chapter was emailed the revised Heritage Club Manual prior to the AGM to go through and discuss at the AGM. The Chapter Presidents commented they still finds many inconsistencies and issues that need to be addressed. It was proposed that a Committee be set up to handle these issues and make amendments accordingly. It was also proposed each chapter communicate via email of the changes and suggestions they have for the Manual. These changes will be made and sent to the chapters for comments and approval.
Committee consists of Doug Anderson, Chairman, Gail Borhill, Helen Pickup and Louise Debuc.

Day Three – June 1, 2015

Gail Borhill volunteered to be the new Webmaster for the Website.

Annual Reports and Activity Reports – Nick Ronsky and Harold Onagi
Nick and Harold went over the Chapter Annual Reports and Activity Reports. It was agreed upon that these forms each need to be reviewed with Canada Post to update and change. The Chapters were reminded that the not to audit their own report.

Statement on Mailing – Carol Spence
Carol conducted a visual presentation of how to do a proper Statement of Mailing. There has been login issues In regards to password. It was explained that there is one password for all chapters and that after 3 failed attempts it will not allow you to continue for 24 hours. The password is being sent again yo everyone.

Elections – Ross O’Brien
Secretary/Treasurer – Nick Ronsky was the only candidate nominated and he accepted this position.

1st Vice President – Richard Lefleur stated he was not interested in running for reelection. Nominated and accepted were JP and Conway Crozier-Smith. JP was voted in as 1st Vice President.

3rd Vice President – Eldride Holmes, Conway Crozier-Smith and Harold Onagi were nominated and accepted. Eldridge and Harold tied for first place, Eldridge withdrew from the Election making Harold the 3rd Vice President.

New Business
Nick Ronsky asked that there be more cooperation with agenda ideas and topics to discuss at the meetings. It is difficult to put together a valuable and beneficial AGM and their ideas and topic suggestions are welcome.

JP suggested that when the Score Card is corrected that it be explained in detail as to what is being supported by Canada Post. He would also like to know what other chapters are getting involved with.

Bob Emmons thanked Richard Lefleur for his service on the National Exectutive this past 2 years and welcomed JP.