Central Yukootok

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Financial support

Corporate Support at the National Level
Canada Post assists Chapters with their community service initiatives (when linked to the Corporation’s cause of choice, Literacy, or to its base business) by contributing up to $2 for each member of the Club. To qualify for this grant, Chapters must submit an activity plan to the CPC Manager, Employee Recognition, for approval.
The grant is considered a start-up fund for community activities. Justifiable expenses might include: training sessions for literacy tutors, the purchase of CPC materials on stamp-collecting and history and travel expenses for volunteers.
Government Sources
Heritage Club Chapters should make themselves aware of federal and provincial grants, available to organized clubs of senior citizens to buy sporting equipment and fund social activities. Contact the local Member of Parliament, Members of Provincial Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly, for details.
Funds for Social Events
Heritage Club members enjoy thousands of social events each year. These range from dart games, euchre, visits to local sites, elaborate dances and parties, golf tournaments, curling bonspiels and trips to Europe and the United States. Members enjoy watching the ponies, theatre events, gambling, sightseeing, dancing, sports, travelling, courses such as line dancing, aerobics, wood-working and meetings at restaurants. These activities are paid for by the members who participate. Chapters usually charge on a “per activity” basis. At times, an extra amount is added to the price and this is used for a donations fund.