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Winter Newsletter March 6,2020

Simcoe Chapter
CPC Heritage Club
Winter Newsletter- March 2020

Our Treasure Blesilda Yap and I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2020.
We welcome you back to the Simcoe Chapter for another year of activities and camaraderie. We hope to see people participate in more of our luncheons.
If we have received your 2020 membership dues of ten dollars, we want to thank you for joining again this year as paid members. We look forward to seeing you this year at our upcoming events. Please ensure that we have these payments as soon as possible.
We can now accept dues by e-transfer at, please add your name in the comments so we know who the payment is from.
By being a paid member of Simcoe Chapter at the low cost of ten dollars $10.00 for the year, you will continue to receive the Quarterly newsletters and information about the dates and times of activities that will be offered to our members. As a paid member you will be eligible to join Goodlife Fitness at a discount rate and qualify for Medoc travel Insurance as well as home and auto insurance from Johnson Insurance.

Anna Huang Blesilda Yap
President Secretary / Treasurer
Upcoming events planned for 2020 April to June
Subject to changes are:
Tuesday April 14 at 12:00 noon The Mandarin Restaurant
We will have our first luncheon at The Mandarin Restaurant , 2206 Eglinton Avenue East at Birchmount and Eglinton , in Scarborough for our buffet luncheon. We are asking you all, to bring a cash donation for The Daily Food Bank in Toronto. Seniors please bring along your identification. The cost is $14 for Active paid Members and $ 20 for Non-members. Simcoe Chapter will subsidise for the buffet., non-alcoholic drinks, taxes and tip. Register early to reserve your spot by phoning Marcella Drover at 416-690-7695.

Tuesday May 12,2020 at 12:00 noon -Occasions Restaurant
We will meet at Occasions Restaurant, 30 Eastwood Road, major intersection Coxwell and Gerrard Street, in Toronto for a luncheon. We are asking that you bring cash donation to The Daily Food Bank in Toronto. Each participant will be required to pay for their own lunch ( Menu items range from $8 to $15+) Simcoe Chapter will pay for non-alcoholic drinks and group tip. Please register early to reserve your spot by phoning Marcella Drover at 416-690-7695.
Tuesday June 16, 2020 at 11:30 _Green Eggplant Restaurant
We will meet at Green Eggplant at 2024 Queen Street East , Toronto near Lee Avenue and Queen, across from the Kew Garden, East of Woodbine Avenue and Queen Street East. We are asking that you bring cash donation to The Daily Food Bank in Toronto . Each participant will pay for their own food and drinks. Note parking is available on the street or City Parking lot nearby. Please register early to reserve your spot by phoning Marcella Drover at 416-690-7695.

Heritage Club Scholarships
Heritage Club will be awarding three scholarships to students starting for the first time, their first year of full-time studies, provided it’s an accredited institution and the awards will be valued at $1000 for university or college studies. In order to be eligible, students must be dependent children, including adopted children, stepchildren, grandchildren, and wards in legal guardianship of an active member (dues paying member of 2 years) of a Heritage Club Chapter. All applications must be post-marked by June 30, 2020.

The program details are available on the Heritage Club website at under LINKS. The National Coordinator, and all applications and queries should be directed to Eldred Holmes at

Please check out our Simcoe web page as well as the other 28 chapters to find out what activities Heritage members are involved in.
Simcoe Chapter Heritage Club also have a page on Facebook, feel free to check out our photos from our events as well as updates to upcoming events.
Please check these pages frequently, as we will be posting upcoming events as well as special deals for 2020 as they are available or arranged.

A Look Back at our Final Events of 2019
Wednesday December 4th Niagara at the Festive Season Featuring Dinner at the top of the Skylon Tower twenty-two members and their family and friends enjoyed this tour. This seems to be a favourite one for our group.
Thursday December 12, 2019 Christmas Banquet 11:30-14:30 Annual Pineridge / Simcoe Chapters Christmas Banquet at Qssis Banquet Halls at 3474 Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario. We had thirty-nine members and family attend this event. There were a lot of raffle prizes and a silent auction.

Santa Letter Writing Program
A very special thank you to Lea Maynard who was our Simcoe Co-ordinator this year , making sure that our Simcoe Elves received children’s letters as well as stationery to help Santa answer all his mail. Twenty-four of our Simcoe Members volunteered and answered a total of 7,301 letters. We held three Santa Letter Writing Blitzes at SCLPP in December,2019. We would like to thank all the volunteers for their help in answering these letters, and we look forward to your participation in this program again in 2020.

In Memorial
Edward Hicks, Roy England, James Stringer, Judy Wood, Henry Matusaitis, Nick Tanasychuk, Margaret Armstrong, Joyce Butters, Fred Theuerkauf, John Nicol, Henry Lucas and Tibor Steinberger. If you are aware of the passing of any of our members, we would ask that you please notify us.
Life Events

Have you had any life events you would like to share in our newsletter? Let me know so I can include your news. Contact me at:


Name:____________________ Heritage Club National Membership #:____________

Old Address:__________________________________________________________

New Address:_____________________________________________________________

Postal Code:__________________ Phone Number:________________________

Email:______________________________ Effective Date: _________________

Welcome new Members
William G. Robinson, Allan Leaf, Sylvia Lui, Johnny Yap, Cheryl J Billingham, Kimi Leu, Richard P Simpson, Debbie Farnum-Bellamy, Marisa Napoleoni, Rose Suk-Yee Tang, Lok-Koon Tang, Lan F Mack, Rowanna C. Wong, Frank Gelling, Minh Q. Hua, Nicholas L. Rambachan, Gerry W. Mumford, TC Chung, Teresa S. Jackson, Boyan Mastinsek, William Chong, Vera Marentil, Naseer H. Farooqi, Gregg A. Purtle.
New 2020 Paid Simcoe Members
Joe Gifkins
New 2020 Associate Members
Wendy Kabalo, Leely Chong, Susan Purtle

Volunteering – Did you know?

The Canada Post Heritage Club motto is “People helping People”. With that in mind, your Simcoe Chapter donates generously on your behalf to worthwhile charities every year

Name: ………………………………………………………. Address: ……………………………………………………………

City: ………………………………………………… Prov.: ………………………….. Postal Code: ………………………

“People Helping People” is the motto of the Heritage Club. I am sending this form now so you can track your volunteer hours for 2020. Remember report all your volunteer activities as a Heritage Club member. Every hour counts! Don’t forget your knitting hours and Christmas hours.

Literacy Program/School
Santa Program
Soup Kitchen/Food Bank/Meals on Wheels
National Postal Curling
Heritage Club
Seniors Homes/Shut In Program
Income Tax Form Prep./Festivals
Fund Raising
Christmas Hamper Program
United Way
Others –

As part of what the Simcoe Chapter is evaluated on for our yearly funds from the National Executive is the involvement of our members in Volunteer activities. I would ask that you keep a record of the hours that you spend this year doing volunteer work and send this completed form / or information to Simcoe CPC Heritage Club, 72 Leuty Avenue Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2R5 by Dec 15, 2020. Thank you for helping me to collect your hours of volunteer work in your community.
I in term , also have a final report that I have to summarize all the volunteer hours by our members and submit on behalf of the Simcoe Chapter that these hours are recorded on. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 416-716-2595 or at

Anna Huang, Chapter President , Newsletter Writer, Member’s List, Recruitment
phone 416 466 2595 or 416-716-2898
Blesilda Yap, Secretary/Treasurer, editor, telephone contact
Email: phone 905 457 4206
Email Transfers
Members at Large:
Claire Andrews Marcella Drover Pat Byrne
Lea Maynard, Past President

Your Benefits Contact Numbers:

Canada Post Pension Site: 1-877-480-9220
Govt. of Canada Superannuation: 1-800-561-7930
Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security: 1-800-277-9914
Great West Life Assurance: 1-866-249-5723
Sun Life Insurance: 1-800-361-6212 CPC
Human Resources: 1-877-807-9090

Great West Life Coverage

[Plan #: 51391] Out of Country Coverage
You still have to maintain current and active coverage with OHIP to be eligible for out of country coverage with us…Your coverage remains the same with us, the difference would be that we (Canada Life) are now your first payor for out of country claims.
Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, a new form for Ontarians to confirm their residency and OHIP health insurance number will exist (this replaces the former OHIP Authorization and Release form). it is available online at

Click on ‘Forms’ from the menu across the top of the page
Click on ‘Group Claim Forms’
Click on ‘Out of Country Claim forms’
Enter your policy number in the box and click ‘Submit’

Select your province and print all required forms.
Your plan covers out of country emergency care.
Coverage is provided for unforeseen emergency treatments which could not have been reasonably anticipated, while traveling for business, vacation or education.
Benefits are limited to your initial treatment.
You have:

Family coverage.
A trip limit of 40 days, meaning services will only be provided to you during this time.
A per trip maximum of $250,000 per person for out of country services.
Your hospital coverage is limited to the ward rate plus $200 per day, towards any other type of room rate. The amount paid towards the ward rate will apply to the trip maximum of $250,000. The additional amounts paid towards the room rate will not apply towards the trip maximum.

100% coverage for emergency room or outpatient fees, doctor’s fees, x-rays or lab fees related to the initial emergency treatment, as well as ambulance fees.

You must have provincial coverage to be eligible for out of country coverage with Great West Life.

In case of an emergency, you or someone can call the 24-hour number on the back of your MedEx card and they will arrange appropriate medical care, confirm coverage and provide travel assistance.