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Golden Sheaf Winter Newsletter 2021

Golden Sheaf Chapter Winter Newsletter

President’s Message.

What a challenging time we have all been spending battling this Covid pandemic. My hopes are that you have all kept safe and healthy through it all. Together we can, and will, win this fight. Slowly and cautiously your executive started to look at ways to bring us back together in person but slow and sure is their priority. Your support will be so important as we progress, however to those still a bit uncomfortable in these gatherings we respect your views. Also in this letter, as a result of a few inquiries some have made, I have listed some important contact numbers.

Annual Banquet: On September 25 we enjoyed a very delicious catered meal along with raffles well-organized by Joe and Florence Manz and we found great camaraderie. Of special note was the 50/50 winner Bernice Glover giving back her total winnings $105 to be placed into our charity fund. Her thoughts were “It’s fun to win and more fun to share.” Also thanks to Alma Blouin of Gravelbourg SK who was unable to attend but sent a donation to help with our expenses towards the evening. Thanks also to Laird Wilson manning the 50/50 draw as well as booking the hall. Next banquet has been booked for June 4, 2022.

Christmas Season Activities:

* Christmas Party: has been cancelled due to health security reasons.

* Santa’s Elves: Santa has ensured us that plans are underway creating ways to ensure that each child who writes to him will receive a reply, especially in this unprecedented year, and also every elf will be safe. Assistance is much needed in this project so if you would like to volunteer, please contact Conway (306-586-2704) or by e-mail and our Plant’s co-ordinator Patty Konanz will be notified. It is such a joy and pleasure working with her during this time.

* Salvation Army Kettle: Our Chapter will again help this worthy group by manning the kettle at the Southland Mall. We have requested Saturday December 18. If you would like to spare an hour that day helping out ,contact Conway to be scheduled.

Volunteering: The Corporation requires a report on hours you have spent given to your Chapter or Community whether it be working with health, religious or senior groups , literacy or schools, food banks, soup kitchens, shut-ins, fund raisers etc. etc. This report affects our annual funding so please add your approximate hours up, describe your involvement and then forward them to Conway Crozier-Smith, #9- 10 Spence St. Regina SK S4S 4H4 or by email

Caring Report: Best wishes for a good recovery to Bob Kelly. Please notify Bernice Glover 306-525-5914 if you know of anyone sick, hospitalized or deceased.

Condolences were offered to Ewart Farrell whose brother recently passed away.

Congratulations Bob Kelly who turned 90 on October 28.

Mervin and Sharon Palka 50th wedding anniversary December 18.

Missing; we have lost contact with Terry Obleman (Regina SK), Lindy Lou Frigon (Zehner SK), Judith Mclaren(Nokomis SK). Please notify Conway if you know of their whereabouts so we can put them back on our database. Keeping our directory up to date is so important.

Membership dues: If you have forgotten. Please send your $15 (payable Golden Sheaf Chapter) to our Secretary Carol-Ellen Crozier-Smith #302-2536 Parliament Ave. Regina SK S4S 4H1 These fees are so instrumental in keeping our Chapter active.

Charity donations: At a recent executive meeting we chose to give financial assistance to North Central Community Center and Canada Post Community Foundation. Our regular Charity group is still unable to function due to Government restrictions.

Benefit Survivor Procedures: To ensure the survivor of a retiree maintains pension, health and medical benefits, some contacts must be made after the retiree’s death.

Access H.R. (1-877-807-9090) C.P.P./O.A.S. (1-800-277-9914)

* retiree name * retiree name

* employee number * social insurance number

* social insurance number * copy of death certificate

* copy of death certificate Note: besides the C.P.P. pension, there is a

Death benefit payable to the survivor.

C.P.C. Pension (1-877-480-9220)

*retiree name&employee I.D. number

*postal code Superannuation (1-800-561-7930)

*month and date of birth * retiree name

*copy of death certificate * social insurance number

*copy of retiree’s will * copy death certificate

* copy of marriage certificate

Canada Life (1-866-716-1313) Note: Sun Life benefit premiums for

* retiree’s name superannuation survivor will be

*employee number deducted directly from monthly

*copy of death certificate survivor pension.

* plan numbers…51057 & 51391

Note: it’s very important to notify as soon as possible in order to set up a new automatic withdrawal in the survivor’s name in order to keep the policy in force and maintain medical, dental and vision benefits.

Golden Sheaf Chapter Executive

President: Conway Crozier-Smith #9-10 Spence St. Regina SK S4S 4H4 306-586-2704

1st Vice-Pres. Vacant

2nd Vice pres. Vacant

3rd Vice Pres. Mervin Palka 2311 Windsor Park Rd.#105 Regina SK S4V 1S2 306-522-9319

Secretary Carol-Ellen Crozier-Smith 2536 Parliament Ave.#302 Regina SK S4S 4H1 306-585-2318

Treasurer: Elffie Zimmer Box 693 Regina Beach SK S0G 4C0 306-729-2486

Member at Large: George Totten 35 Spiess Bay Regina SK S4R 7N9 306-545-0089 Past President: Laird Wilson 127 Merlin Cres. Regina SK S4R 3E6 306-543-0739

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