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Summer is here and cautiously our Government is easing restrictions towards our challenges against the Covid-19 pandemic. I trust and hope you have all kept well during this time. Hopefully we can keep this virus under control even though the battle has not yet ended as fears of a resurgence is still possible.

As you are aware, many of our planned events have been cancelled due to the stringent restrictions given out to us all and it is questionable as to when we can resume. Your health and safety is our priority so, until we can again gather together, please be patient and vigilant and have a safe summer.

ALZHEIMER’S WALK. Our Chapter entered a team called “The Golden Sheafers” to participate in the annual fund-raising project for the Sask. Alzheimer’s Society which was held virtually on May 30. Team members Conway Crozier-Smith, Betty Jackson, and Sharon Palka, raised $815. Many thanks to those who chose to donate in support of this team

NOTEWORTHY NEWS: -To those we have heard about recently that were sick or requiring hospital attention since our last newsletter, best wishes are given to Conway, Harold Rein and Bob Kelly Sadly the passing away of members Robert Gates and Robert Aquin. Condolences were sent to Susan Blomander (now residing in Summerland BC.) whose brother recently passed away.

N.B. Please remember to phone Bernice Glover (306-525-5914), if you hear of anyone sick or has passed away, so cards or a visit can be arranged by our Caring Committee Coordinator.

WELCOME– To our new member since our last letter, Cheryl Boisvart-Drever (Maple Creek SK), .

MEMBERSHIPS There are still a few outstanding 2020 membership dues out there. Please send your $15 today to Betty Jackson 7054 Wascana Cove Dr. Regina SK S4V 3E9 to keep on our active list. Our Chapter receives only a portion of our funding through the National Office, the Canada Post Corporation and other club sponsors, so your dues represent a large portion of our annual income.

LOST CONTACTS: It is so essential to keep our membership data base up to date. If you are changing your address or if you know of someone that has passed away, please let your President or Secretary know.

Since our last newsletter which was sent to our entire membership, the following were returned:

David Ackrill (Estevan SK), Elizabeth Robertson (Whitewood SK), Melvin Cole(Regina SK), Wilfred Robertson (Wolseley SK), Mary Smith (Regina SK),

Please help us locate these members so they can be put back on our list;

SUMMER TRAVELLERS: Please remember while on a vacation or travels, to bring home that half bottle of shampoo or that extra bar of soap from the hotel bathroom. These are collected by George & Sonia Totten, 35 Spiess Bay, Regina SK (phone 306-545-0089).and distributed to the Cathedral luncheon program. These items are a precious item of hygiene to a homeless person or someone in a tough situation.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, sadly we must report the cancellation of this popular event which was scheduled for August 15. With the many health restrictions in place I am sure you agree with this plan.


Benefits of a Golden Sheaf Active (meaning paid up) Chapter Member:

1.Quarterly newsletters such as this, filled with news and upcoming events. One newsletter each year is distributed to all members whether active or not.

2. Supporting our chosen Community Charity both financially and physically. (2 year term).

3.. Subsidized charges to local Chapter luncheons/banquet/,socials etc.

4. You and your spouse/partner are entitled to purchase a membership to Good Life Fitness at approximately 50% discount.

5. Special rates for Johnson’s Medoc Travel Insurance.

6. Preferential quotes for Home Insurance from Johnson’s Insurance.

7. National Heritage Club Scholarship program have three scholarships available to children and grandchildren each year.

8. Special discount rates with Choice Hotels.

9. Travel discounts with Collette Tours.

10. Cell phone deals with Telus Mobility.

For more details on these discount offers and more, log into the website, click on National Executive and then scroll down to the bottom and click on links.

Benefit Contact Numbers:

Canada Post Pension site 1-800-480-9220

Canada Post Human Resources 1-877-807-9090

Gov’t. Of Canada Superannuation 1-800-561-7930

Canada Pension Plan(old age security) 1-800-277-9914

Great West Life Assurance / Canadalife 1-866-249-5723

Sun Life Insurance 1-800-361-6212


Cute Humorous Quips:

– Families are like fudge…mostly sweet with a few nuts.

– Today’s mighty oak is just yesterdays nut that held it’s ground.

– Laughing is good exercise. It’s like jogging on the inside.

– Humour is a rubber sword—it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.

– Inviting people to laugh with you while you are laughing at yourself is a good thing to do. You may be the fool, but you are the fool in charge.

– A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.


President – Conway Crozier-Smith 3810 Robinson St.#101 Regina SK S4S 3C6 306-586-2704

1st Vice President – vacant

2nd Vice President – vacant

3rd Vice President Mervin Palka 3212 Windsor Park Rd.#105 Regina SK S4V 1S2 306-522-9319

Secretary Betty Jackson 7054 Wascana Cove Dr. Regina SK S4V 3E9 306-789-2618

Treasurer – Elffie Zimmer Box 693 Regina Beach SK S0G 4C9 306-729-2456

Member at large: George Totten 35 Spiess Bay Regina SK S4R 7N9 306-545-0089

Past President – Laird Wilson 127 Merlin Cres. Regina SK S4R 3E6 306-543-0739