Terra Nova

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May 2018 Minutes

Postal Employees 25 Year Club
(A Council of the Terra Nova Chapter Heritage Club)

Minutes of BBQ meeting held at Royal Canadian Legion, Blackmarsh Rd. on May 23rd, 2018.
The meeting came to order at 6:40pm and the minutes of the previous meeting were adopted on a motion by Doreen Leaman and seconded by Gerard Knight.

Those in attendance were:

A. Abbott K. Carroll G. Hall T. McCarthy D. Roche
R. Anderson L. Carroll E. Holmes B. Meaney R. Royle
L. Banfield L. Croft E. Howlett W. Murphy L. Ryall
G. Bishop T. Donovan M. Keough N. Myrick G. Ryall
D. Brewer J. Flynn N. Keough J. Parsons B. Thomson
M. Browne P. Foote G. Knight I. Parsons C. Wall
A. Bruce B. Gardner D. Leaman N. Rendell R. Well
B. Butler D. Hall J. Mackey B. Riddle R. Welsh


Don Garland, Kevin O’Neil, Cathy Sears, and Tony Spratt.
Our best wishes go out to them all.


Max Brown – (founding member)
Fred Cook – father of Jack
Debbie Fost – sister of Sean and Marilyn Angel, and niece of Adrian
Judy O’Neil – wife of Reg
Mary Thistle – mother of Laurie Ryan

A moment of silence was held in their honor and our condolences go out to all those concerned.

Gert Cowan and Trevor Snelgrove.
We wish them a happy and healthy retirement.


Treasurer Marge Keough presented her report, which was adopted on a motion by Marge and seconded by Bas Meaney.


Eldred Holmes stated that $589.00 was raised by the Heritage Club Breakfast in aid of the Janeway.
He also stated that Ralph Wells will, in Adrian Angel’s absence, canvass member volunteers for the annual Janeway Telethon to be held June 3rd, 2018.
The election of officers for the Terra Nova Chapter of the Heritage Club then took place with the following results:

President – Eldred Holmes: Secretary – Dave Roche:
Bill Marshall – Treasurer.
Congratulations to all!

Terra Nova president El Holmes stated he will try to organize a social event such as an End of Summer BBQ and Dance to be held in the Fall. He will inform the membership when he finalizes a plan.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:50pm. on a motion by Jim Flynn.

Our next meeting will be at the Legion on September 26th, 2018 at 7:30pm.