Golden Sheaf

est. 1989   |   People helping people


Golden Sheaf Anniversary Banquet 2019

2019 Golden Sheaf Chapter Annual Floral Conservatory visit


Golden Sheaf 2018 Christmas Party

2018 Golden Sheaf Summer Social

Golden Sheaf Banquet 2018

Golden Sheaf Chapter 2018 Floral Conservatory Social


Golden Sheaf Christmas Party 2017

Membership Gathering

Financial Presentation to our Charity group


Golden Sheaf Summer Social 2017

Gathering of the clan

Charity Director accepting a $2,500 donation

2017 Regina Floral Conservatory

Golden Sheaf Summer Social 2016

Golden Sheaf Chapter 2016 Banquet

2016 Regina Floral Conservatory

2015 Alzheimer’s Coffee Break

2015 Christmas Party Fundraiser

2015 Summer Social Fundraiser