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Updating Mainsite Banner: https://vimeo.com/118538881

This tutorial will walk you through the process of changing the main banner image on the Heritage Club website. Now the first step would be to log in to the WordPress admin page using the link and login credentials provided. This would then take you to the Dashboard, otherwise known as the WordPress admin page. In the left-hand menu, go to Pages, All Pages. You would see all the pages that make up the website. You would go down to the Home page, select Edit, and on the right-hand column, go down to the Featured Image and remove that featured image. It’s still saved in the admin site. It’s not going anywhere. And go to Set Featured Image, and here we can either select a pre-existing image or upload one from your computer. In this example I’ll choose one from the Media Library. Click on Set Featured Image, click on Update, and at this point we will see the new image show up on the site. We also want to change the banner image on the French copy of the Home page. Here we’ll go to the top of the admin panel, we’ll change it from English to French, and this brings you to the Edit Page for the Home page on the French side. Same as before, Remove featured image, Set featured image, click on Set Featured Image, Update, and we see the image updated here as well.

Updating Circles on Mainsite: https://vimeo.com/118538824

This tutorial will show you how to change the circle links that appear on the front page of the Heritage Club website. These show up as the white circles on the home page. First we would log in to the WordPress admin page using the link and the login credentials provided to you. Which brings us to the WordPress admin page, also known as the Dashboard, and we would go down to Appearance, then Customize. On the left-hand column we see areas where we can edit the various visual aspects of the page. You would want to select Home Banner Links, and these correspond to the links on the right. And we can change the title. And here we have the link that each circle corresponds to. And from this same menu, we also want to change the banner links that show up on the French home page. We can go to the French side of the website right now. And here we can change the circle links just as before. Save & Publish, and we can see our results instantaneously on the home page.

Adding a News Item – Updating News: https://vimeo.com/118538728

This tutorial will guide you through adding or editing a news update on the Heritage Club website using the WordPress admin interface. If you go to a page such as the Simcoe page, you will notice there is a section down at the bottom left called News & Updates. What this process will do is add a news update that will show up in that bottom left-hand corner. To do that, you want to log in to the WordPress admin page. You want to go to Posts, you want to go to Add New. Then I’m going to add an example of a post title. Then I’m going to add an example of some content for this news update. When you’re updating, make sure to select the Visual editing mode as opposed to the Text mode. This gives you a basic WordPad/Microsoft Word–style editing capability: some very simple text editing. And what we want to do is hit Publish. We’ve now created an example news update. And depending on the permissions you have when you log in, you will get a Translate option down in the bottom right, here. Here we can click to add a translation, which we will add a French version of the post which shows up on the French side of the website, or we can simply have it Duplicate the post, and that goes into a queue. Someone will be assigned to translate it at a later time. So for this example I’m going to hit add a translation. Now you’ll see that the language of the post is French and this is now showing up on the French side of the website. So I’m going to add the French version of the title here. I’m going to add the French version of the content here. Follow the same steps as before: Visual editing mode, Publish. And now I have a French version of the news update. So as you can see, our example post is now showing up below, and if I go to the French side of the website, the French version of the post will show up down there as well.

Update Chapter Info: https://vimeo.com/119259030

This tutorial will walk you through updating the contact information on your local chapter’s website on the Heritage Club site. So you notice in this bar here, underneath the banner image, there’s some contact information. We’re going to go over updating that information. So the first thing you would do is log in with your assigned username and password to access the WordPress admin page. Go to Pages, click on Home. You’ll now see various fields corresponding to the contact information. You can edit the city name, province. You can enter it in without HTML code, or you can just leave the tags that are in there and type around them, which will leave the format as is. Phone number, email address, and then we will click on Update. View the page, we will see the updated information.

Add a New Page and Update Site Menu: https://vimeo.com/118538609

This tutorial will walk you through adding or editing a page on either the Heritage Club main site or your own local chapter website. This will also go over adding a menu item to correspond with the new page. In some instances you might need to add a new page or edit an existing page. There would only be certain locations where new pages would be added. So the first thing you would do is log in with your assigned username and password to access the WordPress admin page. And once in the admin page, we would go to Pages, Add New. We would add an example of a title and some content. Make sure the Visual tab is selected. And we would click Publish. As usual, we can select the “+” icon to create a new translation ourselves, or click on Duplicate to create a duplicate page which will then be sent into the translation queue. And we publish that. Also, if you are editing a page you can go to All Pages. Select the page you’d like to edit, click on Edit. Make the change that you need to make. In this example I won’t be making any changes. And simply clicking on Update. So now in order to give a link to our new page, we’ll go to Appearance, Menus. We will select our newly created page from the left-hand column. Then we will click Add to Menu. Now we will simply drag the page link to where we want it to appear in the menu structure, and then we will see our sample page added to the site. And these same principles apply to your local chapter’s website as well.

Adding a Newsletter: https://vimeo.com/118538503

This tutorial will guide you through adding or editing the newsletter on your local Heritage Club website using the WordPress admin interface. First you log in to the WordPress admin page. Now on the left-hand column, click Posts, select Add New. Enter the title. Enter the content. Now this is the important step. On the right-hand column go down and select the Newsletter category, then we go up and select Publish. If you have translation admin capability, you can either add a translation and add your own French content, or select the Duplicate checkmark box and hit the Duplicate button, which will make a duplicate copy of the content that will go into a queue that will be translated by others later. So now I am going to hit Translate, add the French title, add the French content, hit Publish, and now we can see that there’s a newsletter added to the site, as well as a French version if we go to the French side of the website.

Making a Fullwidth Page: https://vimeo.com/118538180

This tutorial will show you how to change any page’s layout from a two-column layout to a full-page layout. First you would log in to the WordPress admin panel using the login link and the login credentials provided. Now you can edit pages through the Pages section of the Dashboard, where a list of all editable pages are listed. Or you can go to the page itself and edit it using the Edit Page link at the top, which we will do. We simply go to the bottom right, under Page Attributes. We change the Template from the Default Template to the Fullwidth Layout, hit Update, click on View Page, and now the page is set to fullwidth. And we can simply change it back if we want it in two columns. Select Default Template, Update, View Page, and it’s done.

Adding Events: https://vimeo.com/118538147

In this tutorial we’ll be adding an event to your local Heritage Club website. What this will do is add an event under the “Upcoming events” column, and you’ll see those show up on the Event page. First you will log in with your WordPress admin password. That will take you to the Dashboard. If you have access to multiple sites, select the one you are administering. Now we’re going to click on Events, Add New, then going to enter the title, and then we’re going to enter the content under the Visual text editing option. Scrolling down the page you will see the event time and location details. You can select a time range, or you can select the checkmark box for All Day Event. We will now enter a Venue Name. All these options are optional. And based on the address, you have an option to show a Google Map. We can enter an Organizer Name, Phone Number. Once you’ve entered everything, click on Publish. Now you will see an event entered on the local chapter page. This also shows up on the Calendar, and there you go.

Edit Site Title and Tagline: https://vimeo.com/118537497

This tutorial will walk you through changing the main website title and tagline. First log in to the WordPress admin page using the login link and credentials provided, which will then take you to the WordPress admin page, otherwise known as the Dashboard. We go to the Appearance menu on the left, select Customize. Then go to the top, you will see Site Title & Tagline. Your results show up instantaneously on the right. Save & Publish. Now from the same menu, you want to change the title and tagline that appear on the French version of the website. I’m slightly altering the title for this example. And we can see the result on the French side as well. We click Save & Publish. And as you can see, we’ve successfully changed the title and tagline of the website.

CPC Corner: https://vimeo.com/118537436

This tutorial will guide you through adding an update to the CPC Corner section of the Heritage website. These updates are found in the CPC Corner link, seen here. So the first thing you would do is log in with your assigned username and password to access the WordPress admin page. This would then take you to the Dashboard, or the WordPress admin page. Then you would go to Posts, Add New, enter the page title, enter the content of your update. At this point be sure to select the Visual tab option, which gives you the basic text editor. Now the important step is to go down, and under categories select the CPC Corner category. Click Publish. We’ve now published the update on the English side of the website. And at this point, if you have translation admin capability, you can hit the blue “+” icon to make a French version of the post, or you can click Duplicate, hit the Duplicate button, and this will create a copy of the content that is sent to the translation queue, which would be translated by someone at a later time. So an example, I could now enter the French title, the translated French content. The correct category is already selected, and I will click on Publish. And now we will see the post located here, and the French version on the French side of the website.

Chaptersite Banner Update: https://vimeo.com/118537297

In this tutorial I will be going over how to change the background banner image that shows up on your local chapter website, as well as updating the contact information. You can update the background banner image with an image of your choice. Now you can make this edit by clicking on Edit Page right from the page itself, or if you were going through the WordPress admin menu you would go to Pages, All Pages, select the Home page, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page options you will see the Background Image. If you hover your mouse over that image you will see an “X,” and if you click on that “X,” that will remove the current image. Now to add another image we click on Add Image, here. Or, we can upload one from the Desktop. Select the appropriate image, and once that’s done uploading, hit Select. And we now see the background image has been updated, but we also need to click on Update, and the page will now have a different background image.